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SSC Routine 2018 | Bangladesh All Board PDF

SSC routine 2018 is here. SSC exam routine 2018 BD will help to take a better preparation for the final exam. All education board Bangladesh is responsible for publishing the SSC routine 2018. When all education boards publish the SSC exam routine 2018 then the students will download the PDF or JPG format. Not only the SSC candidates from all education boards BD but also many conscious guardians are eagerly waiting for the SSC 2018 routine. The exam will start from 2nd February 2018.

SSC Routine 2018 All Education Board

SSC Routine 2018 All Education Board Bangladesh. Every year thousands of Intermediate level students around the country from various colleges start the final preparation for the SSC exam. In 2018, the scenario is almost same except the SSC exam time. Each year the SSC exam starts one month earlier than the previous year. From this page, you can easily download 2018 SSC Routine.

And the estimated SSC exam starts from April month. So, from the beginning of 2018, each student tries to furnish their memory to take the better preparation than others. And SSC routine 2018 will help them to know the exam date. Also, they will know the date of each SSC exam from the routine. So, the SSC participants can estimate how much time they will study each subject based on the exam interval.

SSC Exam Routine 2018 PDF

This post is about SSC routine 2018 for all education board Bangladesh. Throughout the post, I am going to explain the SSC exam routine 2018 publish date, SSC routine 2018 for all education boards and SSC exam date. Also, I will explain SSC exam time and mark distribution system. So, stay with me and read the full post.

SSC Routine 2018 for All Education Board

When will the SSC exam routine 2018 all education board be published? Well, this is the common question thousands of SSC candidates are asking now. If you are looking for the SSC exam 2018 routine BD then you are in the right place. All education boards Bangladesh conduct the SSC exam every year. And these education boards are responsible for publishing the SSC exam result every year. This year the education boards don’t publish the SSC exam routine 2018 yet. But they will publish the SSC 2018 exam routine for all education boards BD very soon. According to the recent news, SSC exam routine 2018 will be published in the February month

How to Find the SSC Exam Routine 2018 All Education Board?

Looking for SSC exam routine 2018 Bangladesh. Well, in this post we will inform you the routine of SSC exam 2018. When the education boards Bangladesh publish the SSC routine this year you will find it on our website. This website is the best way to get not only the SSC exam routine but also all kinds of SSC exam info. We will update this post with the SSC routine all boards 2018. So, you can bookmark this website and come back later to get the SSC routine. Not only SSC, You can also download Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Routine 2018 from here.

If you are looking for the SSC routine 2018 Dhaka board then check our website. We will publish the SSC exam routine 2018 Dhaka board as soon as we get the routine. In addition, you can find the SSC exam routine 2018 Dhaka board on the official website of Dhaka education board.

Like the Dhaka education board BD, Comilla education board is responsible for announcing the SSC routine 2018 Comilla board. So, if you study any college under Comilla education board then you can search the SSC exam routine 2018 Comilla board in this post.

SSC Routine 2018

SSC Routine 2018

SSC Routine 2018 PDF Download

There is total 10 education board in Bangladesh. And all these education boards have their own official website to announce the SSC exam info. Each year all these boards publish the SSC routine 2018 PDF on their official website. Also, we will publish the SSC exam routine 2018 in PDF format. So, you can download the routine on your computer. In addition, we will publish the SSC routine in JPG format for you.

Whether you want the SSC exam routine in PDF or JPG format you will find them here. This website is the best alternate for SSC exam info. As soon as the boards announce the SSC routine BD 2018 we will upload the PDF and JPG format in this post. So, come often to this site and if you find the SSC exam routine 2018 PDF then download it to your PC.

SSC Exam Routine 2018 All Education Here

SSC Examination 2018 Details

SSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exam is the 3rd and final public exam under the Intermediate and Secondary Education Bangladesh. JSC exam is the first public exam followed by the SSC exam. The Ministry of Education Bangladesh controls and maintains the SSC exam. There are total 10 education boards under the Ministry of Education.

Among them, 8 education boards are general, 1 Madrasah board (Dakhil Routine 2018) and 1 Technical board. Every year SSC candidates are increasing by the significant number. In 2016, there are more than 1.5 million students attended the SSC exam. Among them more than 0.8 million students are male and the rest of them are female. In 2018, more than 1.8 million students are estimated to participate in the SSC exam. Here is the list of education boards in Bangladesh if you don’t know yet.

1. Dhaka Education Board Result
2. Comilla Education Board Result
3. Rajshahi Education Board Result
4. Jessore Education Board Result
5. Chittagong Education Board Result
6. Barisal Education Board Result
7. Sylhet Education Board Result
8. Dinajpur Education Board Result
9. Madrasah Education Board Result
10. Technical Education Board Result

SSC Exam Date 2018 For All Board

When the SSC examination 2018 will start? Well, the education boards Bangladesh will decide the SSC exam starting date. But according to the news and other sources, the SSC exam 2018 will start from the beginning of April month. So, April month is the most important month for the SSC candidates.

If you are one of the SSC exam candidates then you can start your final revision targeting the exam date. The education board Bangladesh will continue the SSC exam for 2 months including the practical. So this is the best time to study harder if you want to get the top results. I am going to discuss the SSC exam 2018 time distribution for all education board BD.

SSC Examination 2018 Time Distribution

From 2018 Bangladesh Education Board decided to change the time for the both MCQ and CQ exam. This time distribution will be applicable to all the education boards along with the Dakhil exam. The SSC candidates will get 30 minutes for the 30 mark MCQ. In addition, they will get 2 hours and 30 minutes for the CQ exam.

For practical exam, the students will get 25 minutes for 25 marks MCQ and 2 hours 35 minutes for CQ exam. And there will be no break between the MCQ and CQ exam. SSC exam will be held in two shift such as morning and evening shift. The morning shift will start at 10 AM and the evening shift will start at 2:00 PM. Every student must follow this timeline strictly. Otherwise, the SSC exam authority may cancel the candidate’s examination.

SSC Exam Mark Distribution

Since 2018 the education board Bangladesh has changed the mark distribution for both MCQ and CQ exam. Previously there are 60 marks for CQ and 40 marks for MCQ. But now there are 70 marks for CQ and 30 marks for MCQ. But for the course which has a practical exam, the mark distribution is a little bit different. There are 50 marks for CQ, 25 marks for MCQ and 25 marks for the practical exam.

SSC Exam Grade Point Distribution System

The SSC students will get their result as GPA. Also, they will get a letter grade along with the GPA. The grade point averages out of 5. And the letter grade is averaged from D to A+. The marks you get one subject will be converted to a grade point and also to a letter grade. Suppose you get 75 in English.

So, 4.00-grade point and A letter point are equal to 75 marks. And all the grade point you have got will be averaged to a single grade such as 4.00 or 5. And the average grade will be converted to a letter grade. Then finally you will get your SSC result. Here I am going to list the full SSC grade point and letter grade for your knowledge.

Dakhil Routine 2018 Madrasah Education Board

Madrasah education board conducts the Dakhil Routine 2018 in Bangladesh. And Madrasah board will announce the Dakhil exam routine 2018. We will publish the Dakhil routine 2018 Bangladesh as soon as the board will announce the routine. So, bookmark this page and check often.

In conclusion, I hope got help by found this informative article for your upcoming Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam. SSC routine 2018 for all education board Bangladesh is very important info for many candidates. So we will try to publish the SSC exam routine 2018 as soon as possible.