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SSC Result 2018 – All Education Board

SSC Result 2018 is the most expected, scary moment for a candidate. Still, now the approximate date of SSC Result 2018 is 11, May 2018. Along with www., you can also get your result from our site. However, our site is an alternative to education board website.

By this time all the candidates hopefully get prepared for the upcoming SSC Exam 2018. In earlier, guardians can collect results from the school campus. But now there are many options available in online to get SSC Exam Result 2018 fastest than others.

SSC Result 2018 – Education Board Results

According to the published date, SSC Exam 2018 will start from 2nd February 2018. You can check SSC Routine 2018 from here. Exams will start alike the same time at 10.00 AM. Hopefully, all the practical exams will complete by 21 March 2018. Then as soon as the exams finish, SSC Result 2018 will publish soon. As a good number of Madrasah and technical board students also take part, so they also get their result at the same time.

How to Check SSC Exam Result 2018 Fast?

From long before a common tendency that anyone could want to check result fast from others. But to get result fast and free, you need to have a guideline or a basic concept. Thus you can check your desired SSC Exam Result 2018 faster than others. In this article, we are happy to describe you all the available ways to check SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh easily.

Get SSC Result 2018 From

Under education board of Bangladesh, this website is the top ways for checking SSC Result 2018. Besides you can also check the page of Bangladesh Education Board. In this way, you can fast check your SSC Result 2018 in total free of cost. Further, you could get confused what to do after visiting the mentioned website. Well, read sensibly below. It is mostly easy for you to check-

  • Select your education type.
  • Then your education board name.
  • After that enter your registration Number and Roll Number.
  • Then select the passing year of your SSC exam.
  • Optionally you have to prove yourself as a human.
  • And at last with all the information click the “Submit” button.
  • SSC Result 2018 Marksheet Check Online
  • Students don’t need to run so far to get their SSC Result 2018. In this addition, you
  • just have to give some necessary information. It will be easier for you because it is same for all boards.
SSC Exam Result 2018 Online
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Firstly, try to follow the below steps-

Step 1: Go to the website of “”.
Step 2: Then select the type of examination like JSC/SSC/HSC.
Step 3: After this select the year of your examination. For example, for this year it will be 2018.
Step 4: You will find another option for the select district. Then select the district from where are you going to appear the SSC Exam.
Step 5: At last enter your roll number of the SSC exam 2018.
And finally, click the button of “SUBMIT”.

SSC Result 2018 Check here Online

Check SSC Result by SMS

Fran any operator, you can now send SMS to get the result of SSC Result 2018 by SMS. All you have to do, pick your handset, put some information and send it to 16222.

For example, SSC<>Space<>First 3 Letter of your board<>Roll Number<>Space<>Passing year. And send it to 16222.

A Sample Message: SSC DHA 321654 2018 and send it to 16222.

Check SSC Result by Android Apps

Maybe the latest/easiest way to get SSC Result Bangladesh. With more fun, go to Google Play Store. Secondly, search the app named “Exam Result”. Particularly download the app and install it in your mobile. If you read the previous methods to check SSC Result 2018 above, then it is a task of a few seconds for you. Follow the instructions and finally, you’ll see your result on the mobile screen.

SSC Result 2018 Rescrutiny System

The rescrutiny of SSC Result 2018 will begin as soon as soon as the result publish. All the unsuccessful examiner will get a chance to re-check their result once more time. Notably, an examiner must apply with a Teletalk Prepaid number.

For Re-check type in your mobile,

Just type RSC<Space>1st three letters of board name<Space>Subject Code and send it to 16222.

If anyone needs to apply for more than one subject, then put “,” between subject code (such as 101, 107).

A sample Message:
SSC<Space>Yes<Space>PIN<Space>Contact Number and send to 16222

Example: SSC Yes 445663 0167………….. and sent to 16222

Has Any Chance To Get Now SSC Exam Routine?

Yes, there are still chance to get SSC Exam 2018 Routine. It is because of some political issues and the world items. In Bangladesh usually, nine boards take the SSC and the equivalent exams. In effect, all board’s exam will start and announce the result at the same time. In particular, those nine districts whose SSC Result will publish they are-

  1. Dhaka Education Board.
  2. Chittagong Board.
  3. Comilla Board.
  4. Barisal Board.
  5. Rajshahi Board.
  6. Dinajpur Board.
  7. Sylhet Board.
  8. Technical Board.
  9. Madrasah Education Board.

SSC Result 2018 Publish Date

At the result day, the govt. Websites became slow/down sometimes. In purpose of check SSC Result 2018 publish date, a lot of traffic hit the website at the same time. So after a long waiting, you can get your result before anyone from our website. Rather when we get an update about SSC exam result Bangladesh from the authority, we’ll post the update here. However, keep with us and get the latest update about SSC Result 2018 BD. You can also stay with us through our Facebook Page. In all honesty, we’ll attempt our best to tell you the new updates. Above all, we would like to wish you all the best for your upcoming exam of SSC exam.

SSC Result 2018 Publish Date
Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2018

Check your SSC Result 2018 Dhaka education board If you are one of the candidates for SSC under Dhaka board, then you can get from here to the SSC results. Also, the SSC results you can find on the official website of Dhaka Education Board. However, the board gets your Dhaka Board SSC result results on our website you can search. Also, you can check the official website of the Board of Education Dhaka BD. Or one can get results on this website very easily. In addition, if you are covered by SMS results in the SSC board if you want to use this format, please

SSC <space> DHA <space> Roll Number <space> 201 And send this message to 16222.

SSC Result 2018 Comilla Board

Bangladesh SSC Result 2018 Comilla Board, a top board. If you have participated under the Comilla Board SSC Result, and if you want to get your results from the use of this website you can get the results of 2018 the Board of Comilla. There are also many options here, but the best option is the result of our search. So, on our site with the option to search results and all information you provide SSC Comilla Board. In addition, you can get your results by SMS to mobile. The Mobile SMS format.

SSC <space> COM <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

Chittagong Board SSC Exam Result 2018

Chittagong board you board a pupil, search results and in what way do you think? Yes, you can view the results on this very well. You can collect through online Board SSC Results 2018 Chittagong Board. SSC results online on the board in order Chittagong, Chittagong Board SSC Results to search it. SSC results online in 2018, on our website you can search for alternate search results. Also, you can search for Chittagong Education Board, the official website of SSC results. But the best option, go to the options on our search results and find all the information on this website. But if you want to take your mobile SSC results, please use the SMS format

SSC <space> CHI <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

SSC Exam Result 2018 Rajshahi Board

You can collect the results for secondary and higher secondary students Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2018 this page to a joint. Rajshahi Education Board will receive all the information on this website. Thus, in 2018, the SSC will announce the results. If you attended the Board SSC Result Rajshahi on this website, you can get your results. Also, you can get SSC result 2018 by Android App. Now go to Google Play Store and install the “BD Results (Official App)” and alternatives to this website, and you can get all the information here. If you want to get a mobile message SSC results follow the format of the.

SSC <space> RAJ <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2018

Sylhet Education Board is the Powerfull in this Bangladesh. What do you want to know your results if you paid us to collect from this website you are looking for the Entire SSC Result 2018 Sylhet Board, then you’re right on the site. SSC results on our website and you can get online. Also, you can receive by SMS. So, get online results, please visit our website and you can get information on the SSC examination. In addition, this format you can get your results

SSC <space> SYL <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

SSC Result 2018 Jessore Board

If you want to get the results of the Jessore Education board with all the information on this website for results and can follow the website, Jessore Board SSC Results 2018 to follow the official page, the mobile phone can get your result by using this format.

SSC <space> JES <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

SSC Result 2018 Barisal Board

You have to check the SSC exam result 2018 Barisal Board, and what do you think will be the result, if you follow our website, SSC result Barisal Education Board’s official site can be used, also through SMS, you will find the results very easy to use this format you can do.

SSC <space> BAR <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

SSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board

This time you have participated in the examination, and in what way do you think will be the result if there is good news for you, the website you will find all the information in your results and the results. Members of the SSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board is very easy to find on the official website. The results follow the format of the mobile phone, Your mobile phone will receive it without any Join your results

SSC <space> DIN <space> Roll Number <space> 2018 And send this message to 16222.

In final words, Hopefully, you understand all the possible ways to check your SSC Result 2018 fast. Never mind, feel free to ask any question about SSC Exam Result 2018. Our comment box is given below. And we will try our level best to respond you with a quick reply. Thank you very much for your valuable times. Hope for the Best!