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Newspaper Essay | Importance of Reading Newspaper

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Newspaper – The Importance of Reading Newspaper Essay

Introduction: The papers which supply us news and views of home and abroad are called newspapers. They are very important for us. The civilised world cannot be thought without newspaper.people feel highly delighted when they star reading newspapers.

History of newspaper: It is very difficult to know where newspaper was first introduced. It is said that the first newspaper was published at Venice in Italy. It is also said that a kind of newspaper was introduced in China during eleventh century. However , Samachar Darpan’ was the first newspaper of Bengal. It was published by the missionaries of Serampore.The India-Gazette is the first newspaper in Into Bangladesh. Now-a-days various newspapers are being published in various designs and manners.

King of newspaper: There are many kinds of newspapers, such as Dailies. Weeklies, Bi-Weeklies, Monthlies, Half Yearly and yearly, Of these, most of the people read the dailies because they give us fresh news and views of the day.

Newspaper in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, there are various kinds of newspapers. People are becoming more and more interested in reading newspapers. With the advancement of scientific technology. our country has got the Ittefaq, The Inquilab, The Jugantor, The Sangram, The Janakantha. The Independence. The Bangladesh Times. The Bangladesh Observer and so on. Apart from these are numerous regional newspapers in our country too.

Importance of newspapers

Newspapers are very useful to us. They carry news and views. By reading newspaper, People are highly benefited. They feel greater interested in reading newspapers. The reading of newspaper exhorts them to reach the news world. The importance of .reading newspapers are written below:

(i) Sources of news and views: Newspapers are the sources of news and views. They give current news of home and abroad. By reading newspaper, People can understand what is a

happening in the farthest corners sitting on easy chair. Along with these news, they can read the important views of prominent personalities. The editorials and and the sub-editorials also reflect analytical and critical explanations. Thus the reading of newspaper helps the readers to be strengthened in information wold.

(ii) Formation of public opinion: Newspapers help to from pubic opinion. The government, political parties, or organisation can create public opinions by means of newspapers. Sometimes the newspapers reflect on the opinions of the public directly by publishing their interviews. The people also express their opinions on newspapers. Thus newspapers play a great role to from public opinion and judgments.

(iii) The tool of the government: Newspapers become tool of the e the government. The government can easily inform the citizens about its orders, laws and ordinances. The government can also inform the citizens about new polices, decisions etc. Thus newspaper become tools of the government to run its function.

(iv) Role in democracy: In the establishment of democratic norms, newspapers can play a vital role. Here everyone can express their feelings. The reaction and opinions of political parties are published here. By reading these, people can understand the parties opinion. These help to accelerate democracy in a country.

(v) Formation of friendship: Newspapers help to from friendship world-wide people can understand each other. World people know each others information. Reading the newspapers, one can understand the distress of other countries and go to help them. This can create opportunities to grow fellow feelings and friendship.

(vi) importance to businessmen and job seekers: The newspapers help a lot to the businessmen and job-seekers. The businessmen can advertise their products or can know the maker conditions. the customers can also understand the quality of products. Again, the job seekers can know the job-advertisements. Thus, the reading of newspaper helps the job- seekers to get jobs.

Demerits of newspapers: Newspapers have immense benefits. So newspapers should be free and impartial. Biased or partial newspapers can harm a lot. False news may derail the public. Thus newspapers must publish authentic and reliable information.

Conclusion: The importance of reading newspapers are many. Various sorts of things can be known by reading this. Business. politics, sports, literature, religion etc. are learnt by reading newspaper. We wish its impartiality and reliability.